Advantage of Public Relations Compared to Classic Advertisements

Many a times a company while launching a new a product gets into dilemma over selection of media to promote its product or services. Company feels it difficult to choose between a conventional advertising and public relations to promote its new product and services. Generally, companies go for advertising campaigns; however, with the expansion of technology on many propositions, a public relation company has far better benefits over an advertising company. Both industries are quite different from each other but mostly are misjudged being as one and the same.Counting the advantages of public relations over advertising one, advertising is a paid media, where charges are incurred for providing space and promotion on media, whereas in public relation, it is a free publicity that is gained by publicizing in news conferences to press releases for promotion of product/services. In Public relations, there is no control on proliferation of publicity material as it can be spread to as many media as possible whereas in advertising promotion can only be published or broadcasted on media that is paid. Public relations thus are free of creative control in comparison to advertising.

In advertising there is a limitation on a circulation of a promotion as it is bound with the cost attached to it, contrary, in public relations items can be published as many time as possible and can be distributed to wide number of medium and audience. A public relation piece holds a neutral opinion, as a reader knows, that he is reading or viewing general piece of article while in advertising it is a piece with a targeted opinion with a strong statement for selling a product. Public relations is far better than advertising in terms of simplicity as it is a simply presents views in for of news item instead of hype and propaganda attached in an advertising campaign involving large amount of money and number of people involved in it.In comparison to an advertising campaign, in public relations, there remains vital scope in terms of communication as a public relation officer or executive deals with a vast number of associations and organizations instead of a few limited ones in structure of an advertising house. Public relation campaign provides an expert opinion and insight from a news editor view when an article finally goes into printing in a newspaper or magazine. An advertising campaign is an opinion of in house workers who are working with only objective of sales promotion. In public relation you are open to and remain in touch with live media whereas in advertising persons on the top level are exposed to media and client.

And above all the discussions, advertising department in your company even in condition of sponsoring an event look at public relation department of the company to send a press release and get the event publicized. Though, both advertising and public relations works for a client, at certain level public relations keeps an upper edge over advertising.